November's Nattering Nabob's of Negativism

Wow, what a November. The political part of it went great, work's not too bad, but football season?

How can I best describe what I have been experiencing this football season?

Well it started out this way:

Then progressed to:

Quickly slid into:

And has settled into:

Yes this football season has been as much fun as having a root canal done on one end and a hemorrhoidectomy performed on the other, without the aid of pain killers and mass quantities of alcohol. It has been BRUTAL. Two weeks ago the Diva thought she was having bad drug flashbacks to the 70s when getting a field goal in the midst of a 69-3 arse whupping was cause for a celebration.

Back then we were able to carry in flasks and six packs full of happy juice in to the games....this year we Wildcat fans had to watch it sans pain killers. Oye vey.

Our coach, Ron Prince, got the hook two weeks ago and like Ole George Bush he is a lame duck. We may or may not have a new coach...or we may have had a coach but when the story got out he may have gotten pissed and may or may not be coming. Or we may or may not have our previous coach coming back out of retirement or he might not be. Hell, I may or may not be the queen of the solar system (but I am the queen of the whole damn universe) or I might not be. Sigh. Two more games left in the season. Please make it stop

On a much brighter note, basketball season kicks off this weekend. The men and women play tonight.

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