The Diva is on an Extended Champagne and Godiva break

The Aging Disco Diva is going on an extended champagne and Godiva break. It appears that my latest granddivo is anxious to come on out a bit early and gossip with his groovy grandma so I am off to get my fix of new baby smell, LOL. Just a question of whether or not I can make it to his coming out party on time. The flying monkeys really suck at blogging so there is no one to fill the void (AS IF any earthly creature could do that anyway) so I will not be putting anything up for a while.



  1. See if you can fit in a few strawberries with the chocolate and champagne. I love those three together.

    Looking forward to being able to congratulate you on the new grand baby.

  2. Maybe you can figure out how to bottle that new baby smell and market it as an alternative to Eau de Aging Diva :-)

    Lovely reason for a holiday. Enjoy!

  3. Congratulations Diva! You're right -- nothing beats that new baby smell.