Dancing With The Politicos

The Aging Disco Diva is getting fed up with the US Presidential election...and sheyat, we still have six more damn months to go. Sigh. I would like to put forth this modest proposal: let's just scrap the debates, the baby kissing, the mud slinging and back stabbing, the non-stop arse kissing and lying...and let's decide who will be President by having the ultimate reality show: "Dancing With the Politicos"

The premise is simple: Everyone, not just those from the major parties, who wants to be President will appear on the premier episode Monday evening and will have to perform a song and dance routine. We at home get to vote for our favorite via a 1-800 number or via the website...and on Tuesday we get to see who got voted off the show that week. The following Monday the remaining politicians will have to perform an all new song and dance... this will last all summer long with the grand finale set for November 4th. Not only will we save on the cost of running a national election we can make money by earmarking two or three commercials a night to help defray the national debt or the Aging Disco Diva's liquor bills...

The judging panel will consist Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Armstrong Williams, Al Franken, Bill Maher, Michael Moore and Al Sharpton. Jon Stewart will be the host...and Craig Ferguson will handle the backstage interviews. If things get boring we can lock two of the judges in a steel cage and let them fight to the death

O'Reilly vrs Franken.... Coulter vrs. Sharpton...oh we can have soooo much fun...

The producers can fly in Hilbrand Nawijn, the infamous singing and dancing Dutch politician (former member of the Dutch Parliament) and he can give our contestants some pointers.

Here is Hilbrand in action:

and some more fancy footwork (in fact I can sooo see John McCain tackling this routine!)

This song and dance is taylor made for Obama!

And I defy any of you to argue that this song does not have Hillary's name written all over it!

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  1. Awesome idea. Too funny. Your idea is not farther in left field than what is going on now. Actually, I think Simon from American Idol would make a great president. At least he says what he really thinks.

    Steve Kirk
    Making Perfect Sense