The Diva Flips Out...

OMFG.... the Diva is paying over $3.50 a friggin' gallon to fill up the exploding Pinto,

the national debt is $9,356,764,763,991.25 and increasing at a rate of 1.49 billion dollars a day... and what is the top political news story???

Was Obama just innocently scratching his cheek during the speech or was he secretly flipping the bird at Hillary Clinton?

You know what? I DON'T F'n CARE if he turned around, dropped his pants, and asked her to plant her lips on his butt.

Enough of this crap. Inflation is eating into my damn Godiva and champagne budget and the Diva is pissed. Here ya' go--Let there be no doubt that I am flipping the bird at every dang politician who is trying to blow smoke up my ample buttocks:

The only funny thing out of this whole stupid "controversy" is that it is fodder for one of my favorite comedians, The Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore :

Here ya go Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain, time to pucker up:


  1. Being a Canadian, it truly does not make one lick if difference to me. (Don't ask me why it does to anyone else.) That being said, clearly he did NOT. I saw the Daily Show bit - it was full of awesome.

  2. I agree 100% = THIS made the news?
    So many other things that journalists could focus on, and yet a man flipping off his rival is fodder for pundits.

  3. Hi canucklehead! What is so sad is that it does not make one lick of difference to those of us down here too. The only idiots who seem to have their panties in a bunch are the 24 hour news channels who need to keep churning the mud to keep people tuned in. Wanna know what else is so sad? That a lot of us, the Diva included, prefer to get our news from The Daily Show. Thanks for coming by agin'... I wanted to stick in the words "aboot" "hoser" and "gonch" to make you feel welcome here but couldn't work it in. Well that exhausts my extensive Canadian vocabulary, eh? LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Mo,

    How true...if every time the Diva daintily extended her middle finger as a outward manifestation of what she was thinking and it were reported I could have my own news channel: DBN--the Diva Broadcasting Network: All Diva, all the time. I would not be able to tear myself away from the TV, LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I spent $3.69 per gallon to fill my tank the other day and I was ready to tell everyone in the White House to kick rocks... It's so unfair.

  6. Hi shae-shae,

    Monday morning I did an internet check to see how much gas was running here in town. I put in my town's name and not the zip code. When it came back showing $3.99 a gallon I had an f'n conniption fit until I realized it was showing a town in California, not Kansas. Damn, as bad as I think I have it, somewhere there are people paying $4.00 a gallon. Thanks for stopping by!