Sunday Bloody Sunday

It is Sunday afternoon and The Aging Disco Diva is out of champagne.... and I live in a state that takes the condition and care of my soul seriously, hence liquor sales are banned on Sunday. Not that it makes much of a is an f'n ice box outside right now so I am basically housebound, and my champagne budget is in the red anyway. I would love to use my time online making a million dollars (like all the come-on ads and articles promise) but a quick peek at my Adsense account shows that I have earned a whopping $6.00 in click revenue since the beginning of January so my first online million dollar payday appears to be oh...five or six centuries away.

I could do my daily online sweepstakes entries (I plan on winning $350,000 this year) but I will probably hold off doing that until this evening. Actually I am a dedicated "sweeper" and have amassed a nice list of goodies over the years, but no more dinking around for me---this year I will win the BIG one (Positive Thinking is my mantra)

Pick of the Litter

So, what to do this afternoon? Well, I am spending some quality time browsing some of my favorite blogs---there are some friggin' twisted people with some access to the Internet, LOL. I like looking at pretty pictures and reading beautiful prose, but I love, love, love reading something that makes me laugh out loud. I've become part of the Entrecard community and it has allowed me to sample a bunch of websites that I might not ever have stumbled upon. You can actually pay someone to write nice crap about your blog, but let's be frank (or francis) honest and/or discerning is a paid shill going to be? I will, from time to time, mention some of my favorite blogs and provide links so that you can check them out too. I will never write about a blog (or book, merchandise, etc) because I was asked to, only because I wanted to. So with great fanfare I present---

This week's Pick o' the litter : Bagwine Ruminations

If you are easily offended, should not be reading my blog anyway...but if you are, Bogwine will not be your cup of tea. If you like your humor intelligent and biting with a dash of PG naughty then this will be a must read for you too. I stumbled on this blog a few days ago and am slowly going through all all his archived posts. My only complaint is that I did not think of writing some of the stuff he has. Twisted genius.

Another fun benefit of blog surfing is that you find a ton of useless things you can add to your own website or play around with. When I saw this "Nerd Test" link on someone's blog I knew I would have to go check it out. After all, I pride myself on being the most fabulous polyester clad, disco dancin', nerd on the planet---and evidently this "scientific test" provided the proof: says I'm an Uber Cool Nerd Queen.  What are you?  Click here!

I am proud to claim the official title of "Uber Cool Nerd Queen" You may bow down and worship me, or better yet...FedEx some champagne....

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