Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Everyone is still reeling about the Heath Ledger news. The latest information is that police did not find any illegal drugs in the apartment and there was no sign that he had been drinking. Some type of sleeping pills were found by his body but there are conflicting reports as to whether it was a prescription sleep medication or an over the counter medication. It is being reported that he had sick with pneumonia. So damn sad.

Wildcat News

ESPN giving my Wildcats some love

"This might be the year that Kansas State finally beats Kansas in Manhattan. It has been since 1983 that the Wildcats have beat their in-state rival in their own building, but with Bill Walker finally coming around and Michael Beasley still a load inside -- this may be the year. Do not get me wrong, I have KU as my No. 1 team in the country right now, but after watching KSU destroy A&M Saturday night, I am convinced that KSU is KU's next threat to end their unbeaten season. For A&M fans, do not grow too weary of your road struggles. Look at the road records of Marquette, Louisville, Ole Miss and others who struggle on the road and are still top 20 type of teams despite sub-par road performances in conference play. In fact, BOTH of the last two Saturdays have produced 22-8 records for home BCS conference teams in conference games."

More Wildcat news:

Michael Beasley is a real class act. Here is a story reported by Brian Gates of

Blade Winter, an 11-year old boy from Clifton, Kansas, is battling leukemia. He was at the Kansas State Women's basketball game on Saturday night and had made his way down by where his cousin’s seat was and was sitting on the aisle beside his cousin so he could see the Marching Cobras (half time entertainment) a little better.

One of the Bramlage Coliseum ushers made their way down to him and told him he would not be able to remain sitting on the aisle like that.

That is when Michael Beasley, the freshman star of the Kansas State men’s team, told the usher that Blade was with him. He had Blade come sit down by him in the chairs on the floor. So, Blade sat there with Michael, and some other members of the men’s basketball team: Jamar Samuels, Dominique Sutton and James Franklin.

His mother told Brian Gates that Blade has endured chemotherapy for nearly six of the last eight years of his life. That fact, or probably even the fact that Blade had been battling leukemia, wasn’t known by Michael when he invited Blade down to the seats with them.

The players also gave Blade an autographed t-shirt while he was sitting there with them.

For any of you who do not follow college basketball Michael Beasley is the best freshman player, and one of the top players—period, in the nation. He will be a very, very rich guy playing in the NBA (Hopefully in four years, not sooner) …and as is evidenced by this story, a wonderful young man and a great representative of Kansas State University.

Thank you Michael, for making me so damn proud to be a Wildcat.

Yet another funny video:

I just don’t tire of parody videos, especially if it is ScientoKooks who are being skewered. I never thought of Jerry O’Connell as being particularly funny but he is a riot, and has his Tiny Tom impression down cold—in fact I would say this is the best parody this week.

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