Afternoon Delight

Aging Disco Divas don’t do snow…well, at least this diva doesn’t, but I was running out of coffee beans, chocolate bon-bons, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and caviar (the four major food groups) So I grumpily pulled on my Afghan fur trimmed coat and put on my platform boots (think the Olsen Twins…well perhaps four or five Olsen Twins…the Diva HAS been hitting the Godiva chocolate a bit hard since Halloween) fired up the exploding Pinto, and headed to the store.

For you young pups: Here is what an Afghan fur trimmed coat looks like. Great little coat; every disco diva owned at least one---the smell it emits when wet is a natural bug repellent--eau de wet dog...but I digress....

Well, anyway….as I was tottering towards the coffee isle I did see Andrew Morton’s Unauthorized Tom Cruise biography on sale so I grabbed a copy; as I said in an earlier posting, I have been dying to get a hold of this....any book that is causing 8 million foil hat wearing adherents to be walking around since Tuesday with their panties in a wad is definitely something I want to own.

Now that I have restocked my coffee and chocolate supplies I will be ready to tackle reading this later on tonight….AFTER my beloved “Ugly Betty” of course. I will be providing chapter recaps and critiques so be sure to grab a cup of latte every day and come visit with me.

More videos of Tiny Tom’s oddness are surfacing every day…and of course his minions are doing everything they can to pull them off the Internet as quickly as they can…which is causing more and more people to either put the videos on their websites, or like I am going to do, give the links where you can go check them out yourself:

Wow, does not begin to explain it

The video, third down from the top, where he gives his opinions on the American education system and how psychiatry is to blame for everything bad going on in today’s classrooms (and society) is good for a few chuckles….the aging disco diva was a classroom teacher for years and years and it was enlightening to find out that some of my students (a small handful--that unfortunately seemed to get a bit bigger each year) who were dumb as a box of rocks and obnoxious as all hell, were not to be blamed for being slugs without a shell and a waste of oxygen—it was all Sigmund Freud’s fault.

Now here is a perfect case in point: it appears that the L. Ron Hubbard gospel, according to Tommy, preaches that this kid is not responsible for being a total and complete dip wad.... because somewhere a shrink is to blame, LOL. Betcha can't watch this without having to fight the urge to find this snot-nosed kid and slapping the ever loving sheeyat out of him.



Thank you Tom for explaining all of society's ills and its cure so clearly (cue in the Twilight Zone theme song again)

We did find out that Ike Turner (the malevolent half of “Ike and Tina Turner”) died of a cocaine overdose at the age of 76…. Proof positive that you are never too old. Now my momma always said that we should not speak ill of the dead… so I guess I will leave refrain from sharing any of the snarky things on the tip of my tongue.

Well our day could not be complete without at least a brief Britney mention. It seems that two days ago she and her boy-toy of the day were shopping for at home pregnancy tests….can I get a “WTF” from the congregation? Just the thought makes ya head spin (and hurt) Where is Bob Barker? The girl needs to get spayed….now...and is she capable of doing ANY friggin' thing without giving us a coochie or bun shot? Dang girl,

Time to grab another coffee and some more bon bons...

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