Getting for the Party to Begin....

The Aging Disco Diva has her best platform disco shoes on, an oversized pitcher of her newest favorite beverage: Obama-Mama (Vodka, Kahlua, Coconut Liquer, and Milk) and is ready for the par-tay to be begin.

Out with old....

and in with the new....

If you aren't lucky enough to get Tuesday off maybe you can watch the Inauguration online here live:


  1. Yes, I know you are sad to see President Bush go.

  2. Hi Paul, odd comment. The diva does not waste time looking back with anger, regret, etc. but looks forward to every new adventure. Rather than being happy or sad about President Bush leaving I prefer to rejoice about what is ahead and how I live in a wonderful nation where there is a peaceful transition of power. I highly recommend living life this way, makes for a healthy, happy life.