My Academy Award Choice

Where more can be said? When you combine Billo having a meltdown while we get Rick Rolled into one brief masterpiece--- there better be an Academy Award for this. It has everything: it makes us laugh, it makes us cry, it makes us want to buy a nice new loofah, it makes us hungry for a big bowl of felafel... or it just makes us want a stiff drink. It has more symbolism than a Ingmar Bergman film while fully explaining the meaning of life...or perhaps those damn flying monkeys spiked my spiked eggnog after I spiked it. Hiccup.

I leave you with these haunting lyrics...

The Aging Disco Diva is:

Never gonna give you up (unless the price is right)

Never gonna let you down (unless she has imbibed too much to hold anything up)

Never gonna run around and desert you (No one runs around in 16" platform shoes...No one)

Never gonna make you cry (that is what flying monkeys are for)

Never gonna say goodbye (She prefers a heartfelt "Adios sucker")

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you (well dammit..which one do you want? a lie and you don't get hurt, or the truth and you get crushed?)



  1. Hi Deb:

    Love the idea of your aging disco blog. Looks like you'll have great things to say.


  2. It's time again for the Academy Awards?