I like Mike...why don't Chicago?

Michael Beasley is the best college basketball player in the nation. I don't care what kind of carnival game Sports Illustrated pulled with its "Player of the Year" selection fiasco. They kept changing the criterion all season long to ensure that their media darlin' was named POY ... the diva hates a rigged game, and IMHO this was rigged from the get-go. Micheal was the best player in college basketball this year and what is of even greater importance is that he is really a nice kid. More puzzling than the media insistence that a certain slow, flopper from North Carolina was superior to Micheal is the "character issue" that some have started bringing up now that we are approaching the NBA draft. Other than a couple of silly pranks involving a bet several years ago with his buddies over who could sign their name in more places in their prep school, there are no character issues. Holy carp people, let's put this into perspective: He signed his name where he should not have.... I have former students (several in fact) who are serving life sentences for committing horrendously brutal gang murders while they were teenagers...now THAT is a character issue. Being a kid who acts like a...well...kid... is not a character issue. It is called being immature--AKA: acting like a typical teenager.

Mike has not been involved in any fights with football players (unlike some unnamed Memphis player was got his arse whooped recently) Mike is not a baby daddy, he did not act like he was all that and a bag of chips while he was a student in Manhattan, he minded his mother, adored his sisters, got along great with his brothers, and is unapologetic about his love of anything to do with Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Let's face it, some feel that the NBA has an image problem and Mike can be the answer to that issue. He is freakishly talented, funny, and mischievous enough not to come off as a boring choir boy, but well enough behaved that his mother does not have to slap him down...

and he does have a fantastic mom (pictured here) who WILL slap him upside the head if he steps out of line.

Michael is every promoters dream come true. So what is the problem? Evidently a lot of Chicagoans don't like Mike, they don't want Mike, and have been filling the internet and airways with venomous comments about his supposed lack of work ethic (they obviously did NOT watch him play with the Wildcats last year) his "criminal past" (when asked to name specifics they can't) and his lack of leadership (again, they obviously did not watch him play this year) They have a friggin' h*rd-on for Derrick Rose which is fine. If you are from Chicago then work yourself up into a man-love lather over your home town boy, but do you morons have to try and paint the 19 year old Michael Beasley as the second coming of Beelzebub?

Then again we ARE talking about:

so I say to them:

The Aging Disco Diva has never had any real love for Chicago--after all I am from New York and our sports rivalries tend to run deep, but I was willing to forgo my personal enmity for the city of breaking wind if Mike ended up on the Bulls. Hell, I was ready for the world the end as I yelled "Go Bulls!" but after the way Mike has been treated by the Chicago sports fans and media... well... I will warn Chicago about one thing: Mike comes off as a goofy, good natured kid, but that quickly disappears when he is disrespected (ask the KU basketball team) and you will have, without a doubt, disrespected him if you pass on selecting him Thursday evening. He will smile and say "It's all cool", but he will remember it every time he takes the court against the Bulls.

Michael Beasley will be THE premier player in the NBA, and if the Chicago Bulls management does indeed allow its fan base and local media to turn this into a popularity contest then they will deserve the ridicule the sports world will heap upon them.

Whichever pro team Michael ends up on will have a TON of new Wildcat fans, because We LIKE Mike.

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