The Mango: Man On Man Did The Trick For You. Carry On.

I have been so busy with work related things this week that the ole' TiVo filled up with shows I want to watch. I recorded "Dancing With The Stars" and kind of did the "fast forward" through much of this week's DWTS episodes. It has been a bit of a snoozer this year, with a lack of charismatic personalities and an extra dollop of annoying "celebrities" (Adam Carolla is quickly approaching Martin Short's fingernails-on-chalkboard territory) and I just don't understand the slobbering, groveling and total arse kissing of Priscilla Presley (that type of toadying should be reserved for the Aging Disco Diva) I mean seriously...she was married to Elvis...and.....??? She was once beautiful... and... but does that justify sycophantic sainthood? Anyway....

Steve Guttenberg provided the highlight this week....unfortunately Steve is not a good dancer.

In fact Steve Guttenberg kind of stinks...not the Jerry Springer, Tucker Carlson, Master P, Monica Seles, Billy Ray Cyrus or Evander Hollyfield "Dear Lawd, please make it stop, make it stop, mommy it hurts my eyes!" stinking bad...

(That was Master P in 2006... no comment necessary)

not quite that bad...but more of a Clyde Drexler, Marie Osmond and Mark Cuban "Are they dancing, twitching or suffering from an affliction?" stinking bad..which come to think of not much better than the first group is it?

Steve's professional dance partner, Anna Trebunskaya, was sick during the week and her husband Jonathan Roberts (also a professional dancer) stood in during the rehearsals and helped Steve practice the tango. Before Steve mercifully was given the hook and was voted off this week's show he was asked to dance the "mango" with Jonathan. It probably was his best dance to date and enjoyable to watch:

While the show is starting to get too predictable and a tad bit stale, Bruno Tonioli still cracks me up:

"You did a proper, proper mambo, but like a debutante on the first date. Forget that, you should be a tramp."
"You pimped the mambo.”
"Sometimes you kinda lost your way to Havana but you got down to Puerto Rico."
“Man on man did the trick for you. Carry on.” (To Steve Guttenberg)
“You look like a crazy bear lost in a swamp.” (To Billy Ray Cyrus)
"You are always deliciously awful" (To Billy Ray)

I hope we are not about to see a shark jump coming for DWTS:

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  1. Oh God yes, I agree with you about the total, slobbering arse kissing of Priscilla Presley. I don't get it at all.