The Diva A Cheesehead???

The Aging Disco Diva loves God, family, country, Kansas State University, adult beverages, chocolate, the 70s....and now the Green Bay Packers. Why in heaven's name is she adding Cheesehead to her list? Because they had the damn good sense to draft our beloved Jordy Nelson as their first draft pick yesterday.

Jordy is a friggin' STUD on the football field and a wonderful, wonderful human being. Green Bay-- you are going to be a better team because of this selection and you can bet the farm that Jordy will never do anything to sully his name nor the reputation of your team. He is a classy kid.

Green Bay Made a Great Selection

MANHATTAN — Jordy Nelson didn't recognize the number when the phone rang.

"I answered, but I didn't really know who it was," he said. "When they said who it was, I was excited."

So was everybody else at Nelson's Landing, the Leonardville restaurant where Nelson works as part-time cook when he isn't playing football. The roar was so loud that Nelson had to step outside to complete one of the most important five-minute phone calls of his life.

"I couldn't hear anything," Nelson said. "They went crazy."

The unfamiliar phone number belonged to the Green Bay Packers, who selected Nelson with the 36th pick in Saturday's NFL draft.

"It's somebody I haven't talked too much to," said Nelson, a consensus All-American last season at Kansas State. "I talked to them a little bit at the combine. I'm definitely happy that it happened."

It was a pleasant surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. The Redskins showed the most pre-draft interest, inviting Nelson to Washington, D.C., last week and flying to Manhattan on Thursday for a private workout.

Kansas City, another team that showed interest in Nelson, picked one spot ahead of Green Bay. The Chiefs drafted Virginia Tech cornerback Brandon Flowers with the fourth pick of the second round.

"(Nelson) is a good player, as we all know," said Bill Kuharich, Kansas City's vice president of player personnel. "Everyone in this room has seen him play. Sometimes we sit in the room and ask, like everyone does, 'Hmm, why did this team take this guy?' We didn't say that here. We said, 'Green Bay got themselves a real good player.' "

"We would have liked to have him," added GM Carl Peterson.

Nelson became K-State's highest draft pick since Terence Newman went No. 5 overall in 2003. He was the third wide receiver chosen, behind Thomas and Houston's Donnie Avery, picked 32nd by St. Louis.

Green Bay seems like an ideal fit in more ways than one. Nelson, whose small-town roots are well documented, won't have to adjust to the big-city lifestyle of Washington, D.C., or New York.

"From everything I've heard about Green Bay as a town, I know they're huge sports fans," Nelson said. "They've got the history there and everything like that, so I'm just excited to get into the environment and get going."

With his 31-inch vertical, Nelson should have no problem pulling off the Lambeau Leap, Green Bay's traditional touchdown celebration. If his pro career goes anything like his college career, he'll get plenty of practice.

"Hopefully I get used to doing that frequently," he said.

Well, I am now a gen-u-whine Cheesehead fan, but will NOT be one of those over-the-top-fanatical type of sports fan who paints their family room green and gold.....

... well, mainly because I have already painted the family room purple and white, with tons of Kansas State pictures, collectibles, ornaments, posters and assorted other memorabilia. Outside we have four different PowerCat lawn art pieces, a PowerCat flag and a huge limestone PowerCat decorative, nothing fanatical this Diva, LOL.

And to be honest, I also can't see the Diva sporting a giant cheese slice on her head....

but a cheesebra might not look too bad paired up with a pair of PowerCat hot pants....

I definitively will have to purchase a Green Bay football jersey with his number and name this fall

If you happen to be one of those Green Bay Packer fans who was bitching after Jordy's selection, please bookmark this page so that you can come back in the middle of next season, bow down, kiss the Diva's feet (and/or butt) and humbly proclaim: "Yes, Diva, you were right... he is the greatest thing to hit Wisconsin since the invention of sliced cheese...."

Time for the Diva to research which champagnes and chocolates go best with Wisconsin cheese...

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  1. I always liked the Pittsburgh Steelers myself, in American football anyway :)
    The lad seems nice though.
    Happy Monday!