Yes, Britney is out and about again....

I am so f’n frustrated with this whole Britney crap…and I don’t even know the twit---she is neither a relative nor a friend….so how bad must it be for her parents? Granted they are to blame, to a large extent, for this out of control celebutard. When you pimp out your child to the entertainment industry and she is the major (or total) bread winner for the family it is hard to tell your meal ticket to “Shut up and behave” or even a simple “No, you can’t do that” I don’t think Britney had been told “No” very often as a child and teen star. “No” used judiciously is like a seasoning….and the lack of it results in an obnoxious, out of control, spoiled child…and eventually in a pathetic non-functioning adult. Yes, she is battling mental illness…but how do you separate the self-centered, spoiled brat who pitches a fit when she does not get her way from the illness? And OM f’n G….someone had to explain to her what “insomnia” was???? I guess we can add dumb as a brick to the whole mixture. Remove her from the entertainment industry and you have a woman whose life would revolve around a job sacking groceries (“paper or plastic?”) or wearing a hair net (“Would you like to supersize your order?") She has no survival smarts or skills, appears to be grossly uneducated, and for a lack of a better term…. is rather low class.

When I heard late last night that Britney had been released from the psyche ward I thought it was a joke…but no….there were the pictures of her out again wandering about Los Angeles being chased by vultures with cameras, visiting her favorite gas stations and 24 hour drug stores and wearing her pink wig (we have all come to recognize that when she wears that damn thing she is really in deep sheyat mentally) Her parents are understandably frustrated (see my rant above) and can’t understand why she was released from the hospital. Give my a friggin’ break UCLA Medical Center…we all know you probably dump those poor souls who can’t pay their bills, have no insurance, or who have hit their reimbursement limit, but I think Britney has enough money to foot the bill. She needs help…lots and lots of help. Did you release her because she had a temper tantrum? Are you too going to be afraid to tell this Britwreck "No"? I hope her father can get her arse back into the hospital before she accidently kills someone, or herself. The Aging Disco Diva is almost willing to bet her finest pair of Earth Shoes that this story is not going to have a happy ending.

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