Will Ferrell a Wildcat!

Some fun K-State stuff...

Will Farrell is one of those performers that I don’t care for as far as the roles he plays ( the exceptions being “Elf”, More Cowbell, and his Pearl, the landlord skits,) but that I like as a person. He seems like a real fun guy who does not take himself too seriously and anyone who is comfortable enough to showcase his…how to put this? less than stellar bod, to make people laugh is ok in my book. Will has gone up a few more notches in my book after he performed at Kansas State last week:

Will wearing the Purple Pride colors!

Will with head football coach Ron Prince

Michael Beasley, Will Ferrell and Bill Walker

Michael Beasley will be a millionaire someday (hopefully AFTER he spends four years at K-State) but he is such a “man-child” that it is refreshing to see him enjoy life. Evidently Mike covets an iPod:

Mike and the iPod

Mike and the iPod—the sequel

Here is another fun video of the guys goofing at the post game press conferences:

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