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Bai Ling is in the news for something OTHER than dressing like a tarty bag lady. I had honestly never heard of her until I started seeing her appear as a staple in the various "WTF are they wearing?" pages of gossip magazines (strike one) Then I discovered that she was good friends with celebutard Kimberly Stewart (strike two) and starred in the movie "Dumplings" about a woman who stays young by eating dumplings made from aborted fetuses. Yes, you read that correctly (strike three, game over)

Bai Ling was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday for allegedly shoplifting two tabloids and a package of AAA batteries. The Chinese-born actress, who appeared in “The Crow” and episodes of “Lost” and “Entourage,” was bagged by an airport gift store employee for lifting $16 worth of merchandise. Ling, who reportedly was weeping as she was led away by the police, allegedly stole two Star magazines and the batteries. She was booked on suspicion of shoplifting, a misdemeanor, and ordered to appear in court on May 5.

Two issues of "Star" magazine Bai? STAR magazine....dang girl...if you are going to risk getting busted, go for the good stuff...grab a "People" magazine or go for the really trashy stuff and pilfer "Weekly World News" so that you can get some fashion tips from the Bat Boy

Gratuitous Eva Mendes Friday

I promised my favorite simian solicitor (aka CoCoMonkey) that I would post some gratuitous Eva Mendes pictures to make his day.

There you go, get back to work and hit the links, LOL

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